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How to use TL-WR703N as VPN router

Sat, 28/09/2013 - 22:04 -- Remiguel

The Apple TV2 doesn't support VPN. One solution is to use a router with VPN support. Our small router bought for less than 20 €, doesn't support OpenVPN, due to its 4 Mbytes flash memory, but supports the PPTP protocol. It is not the best protocol in term of security, but it is faster because of less CPU usage for encryption.




How to install Openwrt on a TL-WR703N

Thu, 29/11/2012 - 11:59 -- Remiguel

This small router TL-WR703N allows to have a WiFi hotspot at home, on vacation without spending a lot of money (20€). This router was build for the Chinese market, therefore the GUI is in perfect Chinese. We can find a linux build "Openwrt" especially tailored for this router. Flashing the TL-WR703N with Openwrt firmware let us to configure the router with more option and with less barrier. Additional we can get a GUI in our own language.


2 DIN Nissan Micra Installation

Fri, 14/09/2012 - 22:21 -- Remiguel

Here goes a step by step to install a 2 DIN radio in place of the stock one, in a Nissan Micra (March) 2011 with a BT radio with steering wheel control. I bought the 2 DIN radio at this online shop. You have to take care, because lot of radio seem to be identical (front panel, buttons etc) but they don't use the same processor neither have the same amount of RAM memory.

Snow Leopard on an ACER 5741g (w/ iAktos s3) [How to]

Wed, 12/10/2011 - 22:29 -- Remiguel

This "How to" is a copy of my post from Insanelymac

I Began first to install Leopard with iAtkos 7 DVD. It was a first try and iAtkos DVD was an easier method for newbie like me.
I have learned a lot and have applied my findings to the 10.6.3/10.6.5 installation.

Here are my notes, for Snow Leopard and of course valid for leopard. I have tried to describe more in detail, things Newbies like me, need to look for, to install OSX on a PC.

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