How to replace the Kia Sportage Navi for a 2DIN Android

Sat, 30/04/2016 - 00:01 -- Remiguel

Before starting, I would like to highlight certain vehicle features and therefore its audio system. The purpose of the installation is to replace the radio Sportage 2014, with the Infinity audio system by an Android 2DIN and only the headunit. The original Navigator KIA is a LG. It communicates with the amplifier by the mean of CAN protocol and the sound is transmitted digitally in SPDIF standard. To my knowledge only one user of the forum-kia-sportage managed a similar installation, with a Connects2 interface and in a Sportage model before year 2014. His work has been a great basis for my installation.




Final components of my installation:



Connects2 interface Information

Sportage modele before 2014 need to use the interface Connects2 005.2 et after 2014 the Connects2 007.2 case. Even if the manufacturer does not clearly specify it on its website, the interface incorporates a analogue to digital converter. Answer received:

Hi R*****
Speaking to the software engineer the 007.2 is the correct interface. You do not need any other SPIDF converters.
The interface will "translate" the data.
Many thanks



LG Navi Connectors

Back side of the LG

Connector A

Connector B

Connector C

Choice of the 2DIN

I wanted a 2 DIN headunit Quad Core with a good FM reception. Android 4.4 or higher. The color of the plastic should be closer to my dashboard.

First, I looked for a conventional 2DIN headunit for Sportage. The color was unfortunately black or dark gray. Then I looked for universal 2DIN models with plastic bezel.
After my long readings on several forums, the Alpine and Audison Bezels would fit the best in my Sportage in  light gray color.
Unfortunately, the Chinese universal 2DIN size are 176x102 mm and European Bezel 178x100mm. They are not matching without modifications


(Open the picture above in a new window to zoom in or click on the link below)
Bezel list

I found a 2DIN, at Shenzhen Infidini Technology, with a small plastic surface, that reduce the contrast with the car dashboard. I was a little afraid of the 9 " screen size, but you get used quickly.

I ordered the headunit with specific connectors for my Sportage and an additional harness with DIN connectors to use it with the Connects2 case, for backup solution purpose. I checked the connections before power the 2DIN and modified the wiring, according the pinout of my car (see above).

Be careful, because Kia does not use the same connection diagrams for Asia, America or Europe.

The 2DIN starts, but without any sound... Thanks to the after sales service of the online store, we find out where the issue came from: the SPDIF case was not powered. Once the PIN 22 is correctly connected to the power (remote antenna) all is working fine: Volume, Fader, Balance. The sound level is lower than with the LG Navi (Corrected by setting the equalizer of the system). The sound quality is amazing.


2DIN wired


Original Backup camera connection

The voltage at contact 3 of the connector C, of the LG unit is only 6 to 6,7V. The camera can not be connected directly to 12V. A 12/6 Volts convertor is required. I do not know why, but almost all genuine OEM backup cameras, are working under  6-7 Volts (my former Qashqai, Toyota etc ...)
The Video RCA wires have to be connected to the contacts 13 (Video -) and 1 (Video +) of the Connector C. 6 to 7 Volts must be applied to the contact 3 and the 15 has to be grounded. The contact 3 of the B connector has to be connected to the cable "Back" of the 2DIN, to trigger the screen while the reverse is engaged.
The Female housing is the ref TE Connectivity 1376103-1 with contacts ref 1674742-1 or 1376109-1

To access the trunk connector, remove the plastic cover of the central brake light, first. Unscrew the single screws from both small lateral covers and remove them. Remove the 4 screws of the main trunk door cladding and pull it to remove it completely.

The harness to connect the camera didn't match with the camera color wires. It is a bit confusing.

This backup camera doesn't work with my HU. I try with 5; 6,3 and 6,7. Maybe the video format is not compatible? I tried 2 Chinese cameras with 5 to 12 Volts, they are working perfectly... The provisional converter power is not enough?
I need to retest with the final converter


I ended up to install a Chinese backup camera. It fit perfectly. I connect together the contact 3 of the Connector B to the terminal 3 of the connector C and both to the wire Back of the 2DIN. The contact 15 of the connector C, to the ground and the video RCA wires have to be connected to the contacts 13 (Video -) and 1 (Video +) also of the connector C

I've ordered this camera (CCD lens Sony), Which gave me good results with other vehicles. it will replace the provisory cam with 4 LED installed for my tests. They have the same bracket and are with the same dimensions. The Sportage plastic holder has to be enlarged to 0,3 mm to allow the Chinese camera installation. The bracket is symmetric (not like the Sportage one) and need to be drilled to add 2 new holes for a perfect fastening on the plastic holder.

The connection in the trunk is done with the specific connector TE Connectivity 1-967584-3. The pinout is as per the schema above.

Connection in the trunk

The backup view is showing up as soon the back gear is engaged

Night and day view

Assembly in the vehicle

To remove the dash

Use bicycle plastic tire levers or plastic dismantle tools

The right cover is fasten by a screw and plastic clips. Remove the screw under the small plastic cover. Slide a plastic lever, under the cover, close to the vent (1). Once slightly opened, slide a second plastic tool (2) and a third lever and remove the plastic clips little by little. Pull gently the cover as soon you have enought place for your fingers.

Remove the screw of the left cover. Slide a plastic lever close to the Navi. Pull the cover little by little. The cable from the left buttons make impossible to remove completely the cover. Set the steering wheel to the lowest position and hang the cover on the speedometer.

To remove the LG Navi

Remove the 2 screws of the plastic bezel. Push gently the plastic clips from inside to outside. Pull the bezel to remove it completely. Remove the 4 screws and remove the LG Navi. Unplug the Airbag display and the Warning button.
Unplug the connectorsA, B, C, GPS, Antenna and the USB

Remove the Airbag display and the Warning button from the bezel to assemble them in the 2DIN.

To remove the central console (for the assembly of USB outlet)

Remove the gear lever boot: With a soft plastic knife, release tthe boot starting from the back side. Once the forst clips are released pull the boot.




Firmly pull the console from the interior area (photo above) upward to separate it from the under plastic holder.With the help of the plastic levers seperate the top console from its lower plastic part. Always with the plastic levers, separate it from the glove box of the central console.



Remove the Aux/USB case

Since the Usb Case is a new model with two connectors, I changed it for a model to allow using the USB adapter for Chinese Headunit.

OEM USB Case for Europe / OEM USB for Asia-US

Once the console is opened, remove the two screw and replace the Aux/Usb case.


Installation of the rear seat USB

This dual USB is connected directely on the 12V power and can be used to charge cell phone (1A and 2.1A). No connection with the 2DIN.







Installation of the USB in central console glove box.

It's also a dual USB plug, that can charge any 5V devices. Since this USB port communicates with the headunit, it can be used with a hard disk for videos and music. Unfortunately my radio only has 2 USB (One is already pluged to the Aux/USB case). I will plug the second outlet to a 12 / 5V adapter, later on.

Installation of the Microphone

Remove the cover of the original microphone. If you have a sunroof , open it and push the microphone from the outside of the vehicle (to avoid scraching the plastic cover). Otherwise remove the cover inserting a soft plastic blade in the 3 notches.

Put aside the original microphone (without removing it). Install the microphone that comes with the 2DIN in that place. Run the cable behind the plastic part of the windscreen frame. To remove the plastic cover, first remove the single screw under the small airbag cover and pull the plastic cover to remove all the plastic clips. The cable run from the frame to the daskboard, behind the speedometer. It is easier to run the cable with the help of a rigid electrical cable.




Installation of the GPS

I choose to place the GPS above the counter. I screwed a small metal plate on the plastic to hold the GPS (GPS is magnetic). I put a small plastic strap to insure the assembly. GPS reception is great there.

Installation of the Headunit

The mounting studs of the belts and airbags display are too high. We must cut them from 4 to 5 mm
Screw the display on the 2DIN

Since the slot and the display are almost the same size, I glued a foam to avoid seeing any light at the edges

Screw the Warning button on the 2DIN.


  • The A, B Connectors
  • The Microphone
  • The USB cable
  • The Audio RCA input
  • The connector C for the camera
  • The GPS
  • The antenna with its adaptor




I mainly use Sygic (Lifetime License). The navigation is smooth and accurate. While driving in a long tunnel the Navi lose the satellites reception, it was predictable. Sygic or iGo need to be foreground application to work properly.  Waze seems to be more permissive on that point.




Radio FM

Although the FM reception seems quite sensitive (I'm receiving a lot of radio stations), I'm facing a big issue with a non working sound.
Maybe a bad chip radio control... I'm waiting for a solution from the vendor.

Audio App

The album covers are displayed. Titles are clear, but some special characters are not correctly represented.
No search function and no music list available. The equalizer is doing the job and the random setting works perfectly and is stored correctly (Better than the LG OEM Navi).


Very good alternative software to listen our favorite music. The steering wheel controls works without third-party software. The missing album covers are  download from Internet (2.0.10-build-588). Music list are easy to create. Preamplifier Setting available. Quick search for music and special characters are supported. Excellent equalizer



Sound priority:
By choosing on "Intelligent" option, the sound is swapping between native and third apps.

Speed-Compensated volume Control

I guess it's a setting of the sound  according to the vehicle speed. Unfortunately it does not work. The application RK3066 Headunit neither.
This should work, but without external amplifier.  RK3066 Headunit adjust dynamically the volume (seen with toast messages), but acting only on the internal amplifier 2DIN, i'm not using.


The Bluetooth works correctly, the sound is loud, clear, for me and people I call. The phonebook synchronizes quickly and the phone numbers are easy to find

SWC Settings

Start by pressing start. Press a button and  push a command on the steering wheel. Repeat the operation for all the commands you need.
End by pressing Finish

General Setting

Specific Setting for this 2DIN

Extra Setting

The code is 123456. Some settings affect the good functioning of the 2DIN. Change this setting only if it is really necessary. Never change the resolution
In case of messing with wrong parameters, the vehicle model to get back (for Sportage) is the IX45


Fantastic product to replace the LG unit, although some points are to be fixed by yourself. The screen is large, with its pros (easy to use while driving) and cons (Expose to possible impacts). The sound is impressive and the electronic is allowing to keep the OEM Infinity amplifier. All Android applications tested are running smoothly. The handsfree function, is working great and the application allows a quick search in the phone book (much better than with the LG). Wifi is connecting to my iPhone hotspot, as soon as it's available.
The radio FM sound issue, should be corrected shortly. So far, the after sale service of Shenzhen Infidini Technology has been very professional.


Submitted by PSG (not verified) on

Hi the Code for this Menu is 7890

Submitted by Remiguel on

Yes indeed, it is for the factory reset and developer menu. 123456 is valid only for Extra menu

Submitted by Didi (not verified) on

Hello , Thanks for the detailed description !
Do you already have a solution for the original backup camera?
I would like to know if it works with the original camera .
Thanks for your report .
Best Regards, Didi from Germany

Submitted by Remiguel on

It should work, but until today I can't manage to have it working. Maybe the Video format is diferent. With 2 different regular chinese backup cameras my installation is working. I will conduct a last test this week end. If it works perfect, otherwise I will add RCA connections beside the existing connectors and install a regular Sony CCD reverse camera. In both case my tutorial will be updated with a working solution.

Submitted by Remiguel on

After many tests, I gave up. I've installed one of my regular Chinese camera instead.
I've ordered a connector, contacts (14€) and a new CCD camera with Sony lens (16€), to improve my installation. I will update my tutorial accordingly

Submitted by Michael (not verified) on

I am Russian. Sorry for my english.
A comprehensive guide! I helped.
We own the same devices.
I learned about your site from your own reviews on Aliekspress.
Can you help me? I'm an idiot, I corrupt the data on the device.
I asked for help from Irene, but she remains silent.
I ask for help on the Russian forums. As Irene - everyone is silent.
Can I count on your help in recovering data?

Submitted by Remiguel on

Don't apologize for your english. I understand you perfectly.
I reply you in xda forum and saw that you find the firmware. Glad that it is working again

Submitted by Remiguel on

What is your sound problem? No sound at all or like my unit no sound by using FM tuner? Do you have genuine amplifier?

Submitted by BlackyP (not verified) on

Hi Remiguel,

does your Navi works and sounds without the CTSKI-Modul ?
I mean, only with the Infidini-Modules ?


Submitted by Remiguel on

Yes, The sound output for this 2DIN is working both way: with the canbus/spdif interface for the external digital amplifier (my installation) and through the regular sound output with the internal navy amplifier (Not used in my case)

Submitted by hdbiker60 (not verified) on

You wrote I need to use the interface Connects2 005.2 et after 2014.

In your parts-listing there is another spdif interface listed (from china).

So I need two?

Submitted by Remiguel on

Hi hdbiker60

You need only one SPDIF Interface.
I bought the Chinese one, to make some preliminary tests and fortunately it was working only after some re-wiring. The Connects2 interface was planed as a backup solution. I put the description for information purpose

Submitted by Remiguel on

Para los comentarios en español, pasar en la sesión en español haciendo clic en la banderita

Submitted by Ines_K (not verified) on


can you provide the wiring for the two interfaces? A wiring diagram? Thanks!


Submitted by Remiguel on

Sorry I do not have this wiring diagram. Try to draw it by yourself. All the sketches provided should help smiley

Submitted by BlackyP (not verified) on

with Infidini-Boxes:

Pin A18 (ALT_IN) (white/red) goes to where ?

Submitted by Remiguel on

Not sure at 100%, because I don't use this pin. That should go to the aux audio analog from the plug block (next to the USB input)

Submitted by Ztsky_T (not verified) on

Hi Remiguel,
I have the same can bus adapters on my santa fe ix45 (2013+) but for some reason my Android car audio don't want to show open doors etc.
Is it works fine for you (doors open detect etc)?
Do you have any tools or application for android car play for test them?
What version of software MCU do you use?

Submitted by Remiguel on

Hi Ztsky_T

The Canbus I use, actuate only on the amplifier volume, balance and fader settings. I use another box beside to encode the audio in digital sound. No information like doors state nor other dashboard information are going through my Canbus

Submitted by mihai (not verified) on

you couldn't connect original GPS antenna with chinese android unit ? it has different connector ? Thanks

Submitted by Remiguel on

Yes indeed both connectors are diferrent. Maybe you can find an adaptor?
The simple way was to use the new GPS antena and leave the old one in place (inside the shark antenna?)

Submitted by mihai (not verified) on

For connecting OEM chinese camera, you used the wires for the original camera (back to front ) or you put other wires ? Thanks

Submitted by Remiguel on

Yes I used the genuine cable of my car and connectors. You can find how to in my tutorial with connectors reference

Submitted by Leo (not verified) on

Did anyone had soup problems? I mean very low quality and low sound? With my factory radio was great and loud. But with this one even on volume 30 still low and I don't hear my subwoofer clear. 

Submitted by Ali (not verified) on

I have low sound too. Did you find any solution? 

Submitted by Remiguel on

Best solution I found, has been to install ViPER4Android_FX (free). 
Since I installed IQ Navi interface my 2DIN was already rooted

Submitted by mihai (not verified) on

Hi! I have a problem installing the same navi to my sportage. The box has 2 RCA (L and R - IN). I guess here enteres the analog signal that must be converted to digital and out through spdif +- pins. But where to connect the 2 RCAs ? I see on your photo that is connected to 2 RCAs from connector H (i guess - the one with the mic input also). But which one of them? To refresh memory, on connector H there are the following wires; FR, SR, FL, SL, GND, SUBWOOFER, VOUT2, VOUT1, MIC+, MIC-. So, which one of them ? Thanks

Submitted by Remiguel on


You have to connect the 2 RCA to both RCA connectors (amplifier output) either FR, FL or SR, SL (both are not or low amplified). If it doesn't work, check whether the SPDIF box is correctly powered. In my case I had to change the pinout

Submitted by Tamer (not verified) on

dear sir

i have sportage 2015 I change the original stereo with android lcd when I connect it 

it work but no sound and my car have amplifier 

what I can do to solve this problem 

Submitted by Remiguel on

Dear Tamer

If your car is with amplifier, you need SPDIF box for turning the analog signal to digital and additionally a CANBUS to control the amplifier in the trunk. 
At least KIA is using two 2din model, for Sportage and wiring are different.

Submitted by maxo (not verified) on

hi, noticed that the max volume is quite low ( fm and cd listening first ). is there any way to solve this issue?


Submitted by Remiguel on

Yes indeed the sound volume is really low. Without the unit rooted, I solved it by setting the preamplifier of Poweramp on the highest level (That works only for the music played with Poweramp). You can play with the EQ function (not really effective). 
Now my radio is rooted with IQ Navi. I've installed ViPER4Android_FX, that allows setting the sound level higher than with the regular setting 

Submitted by Roger (not verified) on

Hi Remiquel,

Beautiful install... litlle to complicated for me : ) Can you tell me how to remove the backside of the central console glove box, so I can put in a double USB facing the backseats or is there only room on the front like in your pictures? Kind regards, Roger | The Netherlands

Submitted by Remiguel on

You have two solutions: The quick and the safe one.
The quick solution: Pull gently the backside in the rear seat direction. To do so, you need to run your fingers under the backside. Protect your hands with gloves. That should work but you have a risk to break this plastic cover or backside
Second  solution: remove the central console (see the step by step). Under the pad of the central glove box, unscrew the screws and remove  the central glove box. Now you can safely separate the back cover from the central glove box. 
Be careful by drilling, to keep room enough in the back of the USB plug, for the connection (cable and faston).

Note: I installed 2 double USB plugs, one inside (black) and the second (orange lighted) in the backside of the central glove box ;-)

Submitted by Julian (not verified) on


Thanks for a great guide.

I have a question regarding your SPDIF and CANBUS connection with converter.

The diagram you show for the Harness 2 (KIA) shows that the harness allready have canbus and spdif built in.  Why are you using the converters ? 




Submitted by Remiguel on

Hi Julian

In my case I didn't use the converter.
Basically you have 2 solutions: The one I'm using with harness and the 2 boxes (Canbus + Spdif) and the second, with converter from Connects2 to be used as backup solution.

Submitted by Julian (not verified) on


and thanks for your reply.

Could you provide a direct link to the article to the person that also had success with this implementation.



Submitted by Ali (not verified) on


@OP: I just installed an Asottu unit in my 2017 sportage. I had the camera problem too but in another way. They managed to setup a canbus that gives 6.5v to the C connector. The camera works but only if you connect the rear lamp to them”back” pin of HU. It was supposed to work with canbus command but....

I believe you could install OEM camera too. You just need the new firmware and some harness modifications. It’s nice, as it retains the steering wheel direction lines. 

Submitted by Remiguel on

I've tried to plug the camera on several voltage source and never got the camera working with my Chinese 2DIN. The retrofit with the Sony camera with a genuine connector for my car was a shortcut for getting all working together ;-)

Submitted by Ali (not verified) on

In my implementation of Asottu, with sportage 2017 with spdif amp, I only received one canbus. That one, takes analog signal from FL and FR RCA’s of Asottu HU and converts them to spdif to the amp. Soud is lower, but acceptable. But, I figured out that fade is only working right/left not front/back. General amp volume, Subwoofer and central speaker  is incontrollable from HU. It’s like I should have a second canbus that controls the amp and I didn’t have. The volume is controllable only from tablet volume. 

How is yours? Can you fade to back? Sub vol is working? 

Submitted by Remiguel on

Confirmed the sound balance and fade are working as OEM 2DIN just fine for me. I have only one canbus and a digital/analog converter case
It's seem that the sellers are not delivering every time the same electronic or configuration...

Submitted by Remiguel on

First of all check whether the canbus is really powered. I will have a look on the pictures and diagram linked to your message. I need a bit of time...

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