VDA IGES Converter

Wed, 28/11/2012 - 23:00 -- Remiguel

is a small application that allows you to convert CAD point files from VDA to IGES.
It was my first programming, so the code is perhaps not an example of perfection, but it works.
I wrote this application to save time to import CAD points from VDA to IGES. I've added an option to import points with their coordinates from a plain text file and the possibility to automatically join each point by a line. This last option was aimed to import 3D points from coil springs (more than 1000 elements) and to draw the part spine really quickly.
To understand how to structure the source files, the program has an option to generate a Txt or Vda files as example.
The application recognizes text files by their extensions .txt and Vda with the PSET initial header inside the file before the 3D coordinates data.
With new versions of REALbasic, the code returns an error if the selection of the platform is null (I will correct this bug later).


Submitted by David (not verified) on

Hello Remiguel,
can you post me or send me some manual, how can I use your application? When I run it, application show me dialog that configuration is not correct and Application Event viewer show me, that is not correct XML syntax on line 2.
Thanks a lot
Best regards

Submitted by Remiguel on

Dear David

I haven't any handbook available, but I'll test the script on a current window OS to reproduce the error you are facing. Give me some time since I've no computer available currently. It's summertime wink