Txt2osm POI importation in OSM

Sat, 28/09/2013 - 18:51 -- Remiguel

Do you have your own POI, you want to import in OSM? I never found a tool to do this work. In the past I created an Excel template to import POI, in OSM database and use JOSM as a bridge.

I have done a step further, I code a php script to easily format text POI file into osm format.


Script page view

How does it work?

Format your data in a csv file (text) as per the following example:

-3.6897821,40.4874481,"Cajero La Caixa"
-3.6893932,40.4868295,"Cajero BBVA"
Once selected, clic on Load to upload it on the server.
Choose the category and subcategory. The drop-down lists will change accordingly to the prior selection. The minimum choices is latitude, longitude and name.
In the case of choosing speed-camera, you will have one additional option. It is the relation "enforcement", to allow format these POI according to new community agreement.
Once all values type are set, clic on "Submit". The osm file will be download in your computer.
The original csv file will be deleted at the end of the process. In the case the process would interrupted the csv file will be destroyed within few minutes to leave the server space free.
I always use JOSM to check my data before importing them to OSM
Link to the script