Import Wrike data into MSProject v2.0

Tue, 11/04/2017 - 19:47 -- Remiguel

After finishing a first functional php script to turn my Wrike data into MSProject, I saw that the php with php-excel-reader library could make easier the conversion. 
Now Wrike2MSProject v2.0 read directly the Excel outputted from Wrike (instead of csv files).

The new php script to export Wrike data to MSProject is here.
How to proceed

From Wrike

  • (Important) Go to the timeline view.
  • Export data to Excel.

From Wrike2MSProject

  • Select the xls file
  • Click on Process
  • The file will be downloaded to your disk

From MS Project

  • Open the file
  • Follow the wizard instructions
  • Titles of the column are set to speed up the importation process in MS Project (Check them during the importation)

The tasks and levels, links to the tasks and responsible are imported. Tasks closed will be shown at 100% completion in MS Project.

While exporting a portfolio, the script will return all the projects in one single file. In that case each project will be the parent of all the subtasks (with all the outline levels).
By default the dates will in the EU format. By checking the check box you can force the date format to the US one.
By default tasks will be set to automatic schedule. You can force to get them in manual schedule mode by checking the check box.

Edit 16 de Julio 2017:
The 2.2 vers, reads the column names of the Excel. Now the script accepts all Wrike output files (regulars and customized version), without removing any columns before processing.



Submitted by peter (not verified) on

Hey Remiguel,

i am desperate to export to msproject from wrike. However it alsways returns me an error in an new frame saying: invalid file (extension, type or size) What do you think? Any suggestions? I would really appreciate if you could help me.






Submitted by Remiguel on

Difficult to answer without knowing the file structure. Check whether the file extension is an xls one. The size must be limited but normally even with a large project in Wrike I was never facing any size issue. I stopped using Wrike and I am not aware if they changed the export xls structure. I will try with a new exported file to checked wether I can reproduce your issue