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Sat, 08/04/2017 - 20:46 -- Remiguel



I'm using Wrike for managing my projects. From Wrike, MSProject data importation is already integrated. The opposite is not that easy.

I've coded a php script to export Wrike data to MSProject:

  • From Wrike export data to Excel.
  • Open the file in Excel and replace all semicolon to comas.
  • From Excel save your file to csv format (windows)

From Wrike2MSProject

  • Select the file
  • Click on test (If only one line is skipped it is probably the last line of the file)
  • Click on Process
  • The file will be download on your disk

From MS Project

  • Open the file
  • Follow the wizard instructions
  • Titles of the column are set to speed up the importation process in MS Project (Check them during the importation)

The tasks and levels, link to the tasks and responsible are imported. Tasks closed will be shown at 100% completion in MS Project.




Submitted by Chipman (not verified) on

Hola Remigel
Muchas gracias por tu trabajo pero no he conseguido hacerlo funcionar con el export a excel de la version de Wrike disponible en Enero del 2018
¿Hay que hacer algo adicional?
¿la operativa es distinta?

Quedo a la espera de tu respuesta


Submitted by Remiguel on


Me alegró que te guste. Wrike ha cambiado algunas cosas en su formato. Prueba la vers 2.0 del script (esta mas actualizado y trata el excel directamente). Ten cuidado de no dejar barra oblicua (slash) en los títulos de tus proyectos. Pues sirven de separador de campo.

Submitted by Gustavo (not verified) on

Hello! CSV for MS Project has only titles, no info inside. Do you have any idea? Thanks! (xls from wrike has all the info)

Submitted by Remiguel on

Yes indeed Wrike has change the export format. I recommend to use the version 2.0 of the script vers 2.0. This version import directly from the xls format. no needs to go with csv format anymore

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