Vice Versa

Thu, 29/11/2012 - 09:07 -- Remiguel

ViceVersa LogoViceVersa is a small tool that allows you to create Plist for Map offline for iPhone (App now obsolete). Plist for Map offline are POI (points of interest).
This program allows you to import files .txt & .asc. I left in the package, two sample files to understand the structure of the source files. Files can be encoded in Latin Win, Mac Roman or Unicode. ViceVersa will automatically recognize the file codification. The extension .asc should be reserved for GPS files, because ViceVersa runs an extra subroutine to clean up some data of these .asc files. ViceVersa also replaces comma and  "&" characters by "-" inside the original file, to avoid potential issues with the generated plist. The application has an option to reverse latitude and longitude data if needed.

ViceVersa name was because of the idea to create an application to import and export Plist. I never finished the export module and Offline Map is now obsolete, I will not implement the export part.