Enhanced features for Collabtive 2.0

Mon, 27/04/2015 - 11:12 -- Remiguel

In November (2014), I started to work on an enhanced timetracker function for Collabtive. I based my work on Collabtive 2.0 I had already customized.
Today this version is working great in my company and I've prepared a live demo, so that you can have a look on it. I will prepare a package with the code (without plugin).



My customizzed version included already these modifications:

  • Customer assignation is editable.
  • Project number added and visible in the side windows (dropdown list)
  • Default sorting of the project is done by project numbers.
  • Confirmation pop up alert before closing a project or a task
  • Backup of the DB with one click (only available with admin permission)
  • By creating a new project the last project number + 1 is proposed in the corresponding field (placeholder)
  • Project leader field added
  • Enhanced project list in the user and admin panel (progress bar for budget left)
  • New tab to import milestones and tasks with one click (template like from plain text)
  • Milestones starting date visible in tree view
  • Tasklists starting date visible in tasks view
  • Users can add members to their own project
  • Sort project by number, name, budget, date enabled
  • Information related to expenses by department, added to the project tab (accordion under expenses).
  • Fields to extent projects information added (hours, material ...etc). information is editable as well
  • New button to export projects data to Excel file
  • Starting date field added to project (editable as well)
  • By default message are set to sent to none when create.
  • Starting date for tasklists are editable
  • Translation of open all close all (French, Spanish)
  • Project budget is now asigned by departments (In case of new department creation, new budget can be set)

New Timetracker features:

  • New panel to report time (In user account tab). No need of a keyboard. Works with mouse or finger (iPad)

  • New panel to analyze time registers. Only admin for time register is able to check and lock those registers. Once checked, registers can't be edited by users and their time are taking into account for expenses calculation.

  • Each register pick up the department hourly rate, so that the expenses are automatically calculated. Hourly rate can be individually edited register by register
  • New panel to report invoices associated to the project (material subcontractors). expenses are automatically calculated
  • New panel to quick analyze project in a given time frame. Data might be exported to an Excel file in two format
    • project, time, expenses invoices (flat file)
    • project, time spent by users (Pivot table)

  • The search panel look up keywords in comment field of time register, invoices titles, comments and description

  • I move user project panel (user account tab) to the My Project, to speed up the refreshing process. Admin might have access to all projects and over 200 users could be suffer some lags


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